Interesting object


wow that’s very unusual! nice find!

What a stunning beauty!

Pretty weird too :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

PS you can adjust the size of the picture in the post to showbthe whole thing at once, not just a part of it; at the end of the image code adjust the pixscale. In the image below I have adjusted it from 0.06 to pixscale=0.12"

PPS it looks like you posted this 2 or 3 times? One post should usually do the trick :wink:

Do you have a permission category to allow people to move/add posts to different categories? Had been interested in possibly doing that to some to also add them to the new category.

If I understand correctly, moving other people’s content is a “moderator”-level power.

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ah ok I will just mention it in comments then. Thank you