Interesting object

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Might be wrong but it might be a voorwerpje (SIMBAD has that galaxy’s nucleus down as LIN so active). nice find

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Yeah i’ve come across this one before. Ultimately it seems to be in the literature already that there’s ionized gas, so I didnt post it to the GZ voorwerp thread.

ah fair enough. To raise a quick point of proper terminology, should I say voorwerp or voorwerpje - I don’t want to sound like an idiot (how ever much I may be one)

Admittedly I don’t speak Dutch, so I’m not the best person to ask, but I’ve seen them used fairly interchangeably.

Ah fair enough - will continue to use them as such then. Thank you

I guess you can use both

It’s Hanny’s Voorwerp but I believe others were usually smaller so it became voorwerpje / voorwerpjes. Voorwerpen would technically be possible but I’ve never seen it used in this context

Mostly I see voorwerpje(s) used for this specific type of object

Voorwerp - object / item
Voorwerpen - multiple objects
Voorwerpje - small object
Voorwerpjes - multiple small objects

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that makes a lot of sense - thank you very much

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