Interesting object

Near possible supernova posted by StarGazer in SDSS there are these two bright yellow and blue dots: any idea?

The SDSS camera observes r,i,u,z,g bands in sequence, about 2 minutes apart, so objects that move between the g,r, and i bands included in the SDSS color images become these “beach balls”.
Since r band = green, you can tell that this asteroid is moving up and to the right.

Thanks for the “real time” answer.
Is there a (relatively!) easy way to get an identification, or is professional’s job?

For the SDSS layer, it is not easy… What we show are coadds of many exposures taken at different times. You would first turn on the “SDSS CCDs” (under “Boundaries”), and figure out which of the 16 exposures actually contains the asteroid. Then figure out which date that image was taken. Then you could use the JPL Horizons system (HORIZONS Web-Interface) to look up the RA,Dec at that date, from the SDSS site.
Not easy!

It’s a rainy sunday work…
Just to try, I entered the first image, the only field that seems to refere to a date is “mjd
52963”, too difficolt for me at the moment…

This is cool