Interesting object

Is it a spiral galaxy ?

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In NED there isn’t a codified morfology ( By Name | NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database )
Looking at the image it seems to show a bar and two arms (one with distorsion?) , but i am absolutely not an expert!

Hmm. Strikes me more as an elliptical with a possible voorwerp

Why do you think it’s an elliptical with a possible voorwerp ?
and how to confirm it?

Tom you might be on to something - I do notice two spiral-esque arms emanating from the core, but a green hue traces both of them and is visible across multiple surveys, indicating they’re an actual structure to the galaxy. The fact that the galaxy is extremely bright in VLASS images suggests it was possibly a quasar-gone-recently-quiet, and the green hues may very well be ionized clouds from that time period.