Interesting object - what the heck is going on here?

see What causes these kinds of artifacts?

I would assume the artifacts are due to the brightness of the galaxy core. But what I was referring to is the extremely odd structure of the galaxy. Zoom out in DECaLS and you’ll see what I mean - the galaxy has a wishbone structure. Looks like a major disturbance, the wishbone itself is blue so star forming.

I think it’s a merger, or pair of interacting galaxies. It’s probably in one of the Arp catalogs (of peculiar galaxies) and may even have been imaged by the Hubble gap-filler program, 15446 (it’s surely in their target list).

Would you help in checking whether it’s in an Arp catalog or not?

One of the more spectacular mergers - check it out in DR8! :star_struck: