Interesting object #ringed #halo like , looks like an inclined "Hoag Object"

I cant see any similarity to Hoag’s Object

Fair enough. All we know and see about all stars or galaxies comes from spectra. There are no spectra for this galaxy. Obviously, we need more information for this galaxy ie. spectra
Please be specific and avoid any gut reactions.

There is a spectrum of it from 2dfGRS

Many thanks Dustin. Yes a quick look doesn’t tell us much. We do know these are nearby galaxies , say out to z=0.1. The spectrum is for the central core. the 4000 Angstrom break is displaced to ca. 4050 , z measured 0.022. Light travel time ca. 305 million years. From the bright core I thought it was intense starburst but the emission lines are small.
Whatever the classification it deserves more attention.
Thank you for your speedy help much appreciated

When I said I don’t see any similarity, I meant morphologically, not spectroscopically lol.

Spectrum looks fairly normal. Interesting emission line at 5577 (probably OI).

Not sure whats with the huge absorption feature at 7600 Angstroms. @dstn is this telluric?

I’m not really a spectroscopist :slight_smile: but apparently those does look like Fraunhofer A, and the broader feature around 7200 would be H2O.