Interesting object @ RA,Dec = 247.3531, -26.4325

This object at (RA,Dec = 247.3531, -26.4325) seemed very interesting. Im sure many have seen it already since its so bright. The color pattern in also as interesting as its size. What I would like to know is what the three dark objects are that seem to be large and dense enough to create a shadow. Is it a trick of the way the image was taken? Just seems like there are these giant solid masses so what could they be? If they are solid objects and that size, imagine the gravity and scale of its influence. Wondering what peoples thoughts are on this.

Neat! I’m almost certain the weird things going on in this image are all image processing artifacts. This star is bright enough to saturate the detectors, so those pixels get flagged as un-trustworthy, and the image processing program can do strange things.

Apparently that is a double star –

If you zoom out to 7, you get this, it almost looks like its a neutron after supernova but am guessing its far to big, still its beautiful to look at

It looks like there is a blue jet stream coming towards the camera from the bottom of the object. I of course mean in relation to our view of it. And am not sure if camera is the right word. I’m just wondering if there is a way to filter some of the visible light and see maybe what’s going on in an IR view. Maybe see if there is multiple stars or just how massive it is compared to say our sun. Wish I had my roof plastered with this hi rez image over it. Lol :smiley:

I got off my phone and onto my computer and used some of those links. Looks like it might be a triple star system if I read the info right. Very interesting. How common are triples star systems I wonder. The beauty of such a thing just seems to have no words for me.


This image was taken with the WISE satellite – it’s all infrared light :slight_smile: The blue “jet” is the equivalent of lens flare. The two stars are of types M and B, apparently.


Looks like a small globular cluster to the upper right of star