Interesting object. Possibly a binary system?

The blue wisp I’m not sure about could be an artifact but definitely looks like two stars in a close orbit.

One thing you can do for stars is to turn on the “Gaia DR2” layer – under “Other catalogs”. Gaia is a space satellite, and makes exquisite measurements of relatively bright stars. Gaia has two stars measured here, with the same measured parallaxes. So I bet you’re right, a binary system. As for the blue wisp, yeah, I don’t know, but likely some kind of artifact (pretty unusual looking).

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Thanks for the information I’m still getting used to the UI I’m still not even used to aladin and vizier but I’ll try to get more native to the system. Any tips on what to focus my attention to?

That’s such a weird artifact. I wonder if it was somehow misidentified as an extended object.