Interesting object, merger flinging around galaxy bits?

Galaxy seems to be merging? and ripping apart the smaller galaxy. Can the top blue part be flung from the merger?


Looks like a HSC Voorwerp candidate to me (green bits)

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Oh nvm, it is already posted as a candidate over at Galaxy Zoo

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Do you mean this bit (marked on link)?

If so I think that is just another galaxy (not in SIMBAD and NED seems to be down so can’t check).

If not, the blue part (I can’t see) is a good sign I need stronger glasses

The green bit here Legacy Survey Sky Browser

Marked in link

ah so the voorwerp candidate as AFJ said then. Got confused because it said blue in subject title :slight_smile:

Oh, I was pointing out the voorwerp candidate. I think you’re right about the OP’s ‘blue part’

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Interesting, I was actually talking about the blue object at 1 o’clock above the galaxy. Very nice that it is a voorwerp!

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*candidate :slight_smile:

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Really? I had thought it was a galaxy. Is it referring to this?

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Yes, something in my brain finds a pattern between what you linked and the bottom part of this galaxy. Very excited to see what better images will be taken from this region. Especially since it is also a voorwerp candidate :slight_smile:

No, the green part I circled is the voorwerp candidate. The blue bit is probably just caused by star formation.


My formulation above was not right, you are indeed correct

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