Interesting object major disturbed and merger loose spiral with dustlane with close group companion

Hi Graham,

Can I ask what the second images you are posting are? The first image here is from the Legacy Surveys, where’s the second one from?


Hello dustin ,
The second image can be accessed through those archived in and then under the GalaxyZoo archived images. One has to register . Many are classed as personal collections but mine under graham_d are free access to all.
“Talk is a place for Zooniverse volunteers and researchers to discuss their projects, collect and share data, and work together to make new discoveries.”.
The last time “researches” got involved was over 2 years ago.
Any interesting image can often be accessed in Talk, via metadata, which amongst other tools includes the decals Legacy survey .
As a long time retired scientist who is still a tax payer I have a strong belief in open source access…

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I’m confused; I thought GZ used Legacy Survey images for its workflow? Do they run them through some image processing pipeline or something?

I mean, Bill still actively monitors the Voorwerp thread and follows up candidates, but yeah, GZ doesn’t have the most researcher-active talk section.

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