Interesting object~ Is there something in front of this galaxy?

I posted this before, but I went back to it and it’s still bothering me… is there something in front of this galaxy? it looks like binary stars smack in the middle of it (in regular view)


This is definitely two galaxies merging.

I think this is the ‘cleanest’ merge I’ve seen yet, for lack of a better word, or just great timing to see them at this point of merging

If it is indeed a merger, it looks similar to two mergers that were in the observing list for the Galaxy Zoo / Radio Galaxy Zoo HST Zoogems

Perhaps they like a third one to the collection :slight_smile:

Just in case, I posted it here

thank you, now I also have a better word… ‘mild’ merger. also thanks, I was wondering if there was somewhere people posted about things to look for, I’m just kind of wandering the universe looking for ?interesting? things. I thought maybe while I do that, I could help someone out who was actually looking specifically for something. are there any other places on here (or other websites) to check for people like that, that you know of?


I’m familiair with the Zooniverse projects, every single one ofcourse looking for tgeir own thing.

And I think there is/was something similar linked to the Universe Daily forum? Not sure about that.

But for Galaxy Zoo there’s always been room for odd and interesting things besides classifying. Can’t hurt to post stuff there but don’t expect an answer / reply from scientists, never know if something is interesting enough.

But atleast there we got the hunt for Voorwerpjes active again the last past years, and is actively monitored by Bill Keel for spectroscopic follow-up.

Also theres the transient thread; supposed archival supernovae that weren’t reported at the TNS. But that is 100% run by citizen scientist, from finding to reporting.

And for other stuff, well when I find something ‘spectacular’ I’ll post it on GZ, but am usually at a loss where to post it or who to contact. So I search for the best possibilities…

Posted as possible target for the 2nd HST Zoogems proposal Bill Keel is hoping to get awarded

From the SGA-2020 montage: Models suggest it may be another galaxy.

If you mean the blue thing, the models are wrong

@tombickle we’re talking about the yellow bulge above the bottom bulge.

I know you are… I’m talking to Chris, who is trying to use the model to interpret a complex galaxy. The model doesnt really give us any new information about the central binary bulge (in fact it looks pretty much the same as the actual image), so I can only assume that the other galaxy he’s talking about is the blue thing which is a result of the galaxy being too complex for the model to understand.

This is cool. Bill’s looking for targets for an HST gap-filler proposal. May be worth throwing this one in the mix.

Edit: Just seen its been thrown in there already, haha.