Interesting object - green speckles

Is this a visual artifact, or maybe a QSO? It’s in DR10, but possibly also DS9 data, though a bit hard to tell.

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Weird! Almost certainly an artifact of some kind. Normally, for artifacts, the first stop is to look at the individual exposures – click on the map and follow the “Single Exposures” link,
and then look through the list to see if one of them shows something weird. Usually that’s pretty evident, but here I don’t really see it. Maybe exposure “decam r 501120 N6”?


Maybe outlier detection went wrong and its trying to mask something that isnt there? :person_shrugging:

Thanks for the tip on how to sort out artifacts, dstn. I’ll check these in the future, though looking through them now I can see it will take some practice. It’s hard to locate what I’m looking at frame by frame, and I’m wondering if I’m losing scale. I’m sure it will become more apparent the more I look at them.

Maybe my eyes are tricking me, but I see some speckles in the same place in outline in DS9.

Masking is exactly what I thought was going on, esp when I look at DS9 where it looks like there’s a void in the middle, and some speckles on the outside.

Clearly an Alien Laser Array, let’s be sensible here.

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Looks masked/different in DR9. Guessing something just didn’t work as well on DR10 for this patch. From the single exposures it looks like this spot/chip had some weird stuff going on.

I’m pulling for digitally encoded first contact, and hereby lay claim to all future movie rights and merchandising. :wink:

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oddly, brain-shaped (side view that is) with it’s wrinkles, channels and folds :brain: