Interesting object can anyone explain what's going on?

It looks like ripples in the dust that originate from a star I’m assuming but when you zoom in to the star you see these rings. Are these just artifacts?

Yes, these rings in the GALEX images are just artifacts.

Those ripples in the dust map are neat, but I think they must also be artifacts or dust structure unrelated to that star – they’re a couple of degrees away, which would be a huge distance.


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Thanks for the reply but I don’t think they are. The ripples seem to lead to the star and as you zoom out from the star faint rings keep appearing. The huge ripple patch looks like something is interfering with the pulsating ripple from the star.

What Do ya think dstn I’m baffled. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I don’t even know if it’s catalogued

Those ripples look suspiciously like these ones
which are due to scattered light from the Moon. My guess would be scattered light, maybe from a planet, and happening to look like they’re centered on that star. It’s like 2 degrees away – that would be a vast vast distance at the distance of that star.

The rings are almost certainly artifacts from the way the dust map images are made – which is basically by taking the WISE W4 images and trying to subtract out the stars. It’s hard to subtract out bright stars perfectly (requires knowing an immense amount about the point spread function of the telescope), and can leave residuals from the details of the algorithm.


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I see what your saying with the rings and ripples they are a little too massive. Although I looked it up on vizier and aladin and it’s very well could be chance but the gas cloud around the star is hexagonal. Also it looks like the star itself looked like the poles were pinched almost like an egg with points on the top and bottom. Could this happen if a rotating quasar pointed it’s jet towards us, just curious?

That star does seem to have a bunch of dust around it (on a much smaller scale); check out the unWISE view:


You found the illustrious and beautiful Cat’s Eye Nebula! and also a bunch of artifacts, and probably some pareidolia. This is a beautiful planetary nebula that does have rings around it, but not at this scale.


What is pareidolia? Thank you for letting me know what I was looking at?

Pareidolia is a (perfectly normal) thing that human brains do… we like to see patterns, and sometimes we pattern match things that aren’t there. Faces in wood patterns, numerical patterns in texts, etc. It happens a lot in astronomical imagery.

Here’s a Wikipedia article:

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Okay I know exactly what your talking about thank you for the cool new word.