Interesting edge-ons pairs

  1. Two very luminescent galaxies. Is that a coincidence that they are so similar and so close to each other?

  1. Just the right angle

    Legacy Survey Sky Browser

  2. Interesting angel overlap

    Legacy Survey Sky Browser

  3. A bit brighter ones

    Legacy Survey Sky Browser

Nice finds, it would be difficult to say with certainty whether some of these pairs are in fact related without knowing their distances (redshifts).


For everything except the first picture, z-s are pretty different.
For the first one, however, one of the galaxy has z = 0.029, the other seems to have 3 different parts, with z = 0.04, z = 0.018, z = 0.037 (+ errs). I’m not sure how to read this data. Can I assume that models are always correct and that there are in fact 3 different objects? Or is it there are 3 parts of the same galaxy and they are all “moving” different? Which part should I compare it the other galaxy?
Screenshot from 2021-06-15 19-43-29.cleaned

Nah, the models can definitely be wrong :slight_smile: The blue bits are almost certainly a single galaxy; the models are really simple so it shreds the galaxy into three pieces. In this case, the orange-ish galaxy’s photo-z is at 0.2 (± 0.02), while the blue ones all have lower (and noisy) redshifts – eg z = 0.04 ± 0.03; based on that, I would guess the orange one is in the background and unrelated.


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