Incredible galaxy(s) - merging?
It has a very, very long tidal tail to the right and a lot of material coming off to the left. Seems like two cores so guessing merger. Feel I’m not getting 100% of it so someone please correct me - would love any ideas anyone has.

EDIT: going to add this amazing graphic of galaxies merging

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SIMBAD says it´s a Seyfert 2 galaxy instead of an interacting galaxy. It really does look like an interacting galaxy, though, and I was gonna say that originally.

looks like a double core full-on merger event to me

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that’s what you would think looking at it but, as Keiran said, its down as sy2. I don’t see how that can be sy2 and not merging (that tail to the right and longer plumper one to the left are weird otherwise).