Image in DSSposs2ukstu_red 1991

At 340.1004827, -9.4631892 in DSSposs2ukstu_red 1991 there is a non stellar image, visible also in Aladin lite DSS2, non present in SDSS. Artifact? Transient fenomenon ?
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Interesting, there does seem to be something faint in the unWISE images too

which would mean that it’s very red. Very red and non-stellar is a strange combination!


(I don’t think I would have expected to see it in POSS and not our deeper DECam images though!)

You posted the wrong link to the legacy viewer image
coordinates that you wrote:
340.1004827, -9.4631892
Coordinates of your link:
332.6611 -6.4761

Correct link for the coordinates that you wrote:

Also switch to SDSS. The object is there very “green”, which is the r-band filter. Either a starburst or something that is called a “green bean galaxy” and the strong emission in the r-band filter comes from redshifted [O III]. Those are also often suspected Lyman Alpha emitter.

Reference for this galaxy:

Sorry, i’ve “merged” two objects! The object I refer to as DSSposs2ukstu_red 1991 as a non stellar image,is at 332.6601053, -6.4750564332 and isn’t visible in legacysurvey, other coordinates are of the “green” galaxy. Excuse me for the mistake.

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