Image cutouts partly broken

I’m having trouble getting all the image cutouts in 1 go. Usually there are 25-50% broken link images, and refreshing with F5 can reveal the missing ones but then others are missing. Not impossible to overcome but it is getting annoying.

an example where I encounter this problem (possible transient to report from another GZ volunteer)

Hope this can be solved, thanks.

Depending on your browser… in Firefox, you can right-click an image, and “Reload Image” is one of the options – reloads just that single image.

Creating these cutouts requires pulling many files from a large parallel filesystem simultaneously, so not much I can do about it.


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ok, that doesn’t work for me but merci

Single image cutouts still giving problems. It was not working all weekend, so I thought that it was maintenance work. It is Tuesday, and single image has its list of filter information, but no images, just little blank squares. I right clicked on squares with no result. Is it scheduled maintenance which will end soon?

DECals single image cut-outs problem

Which image layer (survey) are you looking at?

Oh, I see. Only dr7 has single image cutouts now?



no cutouts

Try DR5 now.

Thanks Dustin! Looks to be working again.

Is the DR7 data significantly different from the DECALS DR5 data, for galaxies that were already imaged in DR5? If so, or if maintaining DR5 separately is a hassle, I can update our metadata links to lead volunteers to the new layer.


DR7 adds some area and depth, and uses new calibrations. It’s generally considered an overall improvement, and I at least check that it works when I make changes to the web service!


Yep! Working in dr5. Thanks heaps!! Though usually I change to dr7 most of the time now.