I think it's a Comet


Subaru vs. DR9
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 2.59.53 PM

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 3.00.06 PM

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Dude that’s super cool! Is that a comet I don’t know how to check hahaha but I wanted to place this here

Sorry for the long link, I don’t know how to get rid of that!

But aw man, I don’t think it is a comet because they would have two in such a small area.

But this is HSC’ DR3 cam someone showed me haha was it you? Anyways,

Dark- that red “arrow” is an optical aberration that is very common to the Subaru telescope. You’ll find them all over the capture area- particularly around the “edges” of the captures. I really love the HSC DR3 look compared to the Legacy DR9 images. The Subaru field seems to have a touch more resolution and I like the color representation more than DR9. We’re lucky to be able to be picky on which survey to view:)

BTW- Dustin posted that DR3 map not I.

Dark- Look around this area and you’ll see all the cool aberrations the Subaru optics create

whoa trippy! is that the light thats bouncing around in the telescope haha like a prism?

ahh maybe not it kinds looks like metal parts but its into RGB haha I wish it were prismatic light :wink: comets sure are beautiful too

Yeah I think super bright stars create a prism effect that the sensor picks up

I wonder if we could calculate the curvature of glass from the prism effect haha, but HSC DR3 also looks so cosmic webby, and I know there are different factors here, pareidolia, lensing, and clustering, but I do find it very eerie and fascinating to ponder in theses midths, almost like circles of galaxies (but different redshifts tell us this isn’t necessarily true, but how much is it not true haha you know what I mean, like if we cast darkmatter haloes around these galaxies, man thats what I would want an overlay of…

oh that’s cool!

well what do you guys think is it a comet? I’ve been looking around and I don’t erally see any other artifacts t hat look like that with the spherical shape at the front, like the other prismatic things don’t have a circle at the front. But it is weird that the green one and blue one are right next to eachother?

The green and the blue are different filters taken at different times. The comet has moved across the sky in that time. You’re seeing two snapshots at two different times and through two different filters.

(These cameras, unlike a consumer digital camera, do not take 3-color images simultaneously – they have one giant filter that goes in front of all the CCD chips, and the CCDs see only grayscale; if you want a color image you have to take 2-3 images through different filters and assemble them into a color image.)


all that to say, yeah, it looks like a comet to me!


Okay so how do I go about getting this beast named after me? I kid.

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