I’m not usually 100% lost but this is interesting

Doesn’t seem like an artifact, it’s fascinating but If anyone has an idea on what I’m looking at I greatly appreciate the help.
Only one shot so there isn’t much to compare it to.


The red dot? Thats a supernova (SN 2016aak)

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Got so excited I didn’t bother to check simbad. They consistently show up for me in different colors (I know it’s meaningless) and I commonly see green That’s all I’m normally looking for at least

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UGC 4864 – LINER-type Active Galaxy Nucleus
It’s a tight impressive spiral with a close look alike companion partial overlap

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This is supernova SN 2016aak. It is already reported in the TNS. It is also visible in PanSTARRS.


Ine :stars::dizzy: