I love the color whatever it is


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I think that might be a supernova! If you look at the “single exposures” link, it’s not there in images from, eg, 2019-10-07, it’s bright on 2020-01-30, fading on 2020-02-26, and gone again in 2020-10.



I had wondered if it was because of the single exposures. But i am often wrong on here and didnt want to guess. It is kinda in open space. Im assuming it is unknown?

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I reported this on Zooniverse today. As well as another one that I had posted on here. “Sky Blue”

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The nearest object is AT 2020bur AT 2020bur | Transient Name Server which came to detection next year.

Am yet to determine that its not reported… Any ideas?

EDIT* read the year as 2019, see next post

Sorry, I read the date as 2019 folks, it’s AT2020bur.
AT 2020bur | Transient Name Server

Sadly, both have been reported to the TNS in 2020. Some more information:

74.5409, 3.9765 = AT 2020tiv

77.4485, 3.5747 = AT 2020bur

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The light blue I thought surely it couldnt have been missed. I had a lot of hope for the satellite supernova. Good training for my eyes for looking south of pan STARRS. Hipahipa to them and you. It is still a pleasure to come across a supernova on the map. A lof of unique colors.


Very cool. If you want to look up a supernova candidate, go to wis-tns.org and enter the RA, Dec values in. It should give you information on the nearest SN within 10" of your search coordinates.


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