I am using the viewer on a VR headset

It works fine but its hard to type. I will post a video.


So cool!

works great, everything is working fine for me! :sunglasses:

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Wow!! I learn how to use this vr headset And that video is so cool. I really love that built in browser too. It’s very cool how 2024 technology has been constantly improving. Especially beginning with the aids of AI and the technological evolution that began in the 80s And 90s and well into the 2000s and 2010.

i believe that i am an alien Who has advanced technology better than humans, Or Me who time traveled from the year 3000.

When my dad started to use the VR headset for the first time that he got for his birthday. When my daddy got a meta quest He couldn’t believe his eyes. He thinks he from another world full of utopia.

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