How to go lens hunting

One thing that might help you to search in Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) for lenses is to

  1. Download a simplified version of the SuGOHI catalog in fits-format (I prepared it here)
  2. Go to the viewer and click on “Custom catalog upload (FITS table; RA, Dec, [name])” and upload the Fits-File containing the catalog.
  3. Switch in the viewer to HSC

Zooming out it will look like this:

And when you zoom to a lens it will look like this:

I just replaced the column “grade” with “name”, so it will display which grade the lens got by the researchers.

All these lens candidates marked in these circles are known to science.

It might also take a while to load the catalog. Look at the right side and see the “user catalog” which might still be loading. Sometimes zooming out or in a bit further helps to load the catalog.

Don’t zoom out too much, this catlog contains 2000 objects which can slow down your browser.