How do you hide the control layer?

How does one hide the control layer?

I want bigger pics at max res than the space allowed

I remember seeing a Leaflet plugin that collapsed the whole layer menu into a little button, so that it doesn’t take up so much screen real estate – but now I can’t find it in the plugin list!

(Leaflet is the web front-end library that the sky viewer uses to display the map tiles and controls.)

If you want a giant snapshot of the place you’re looking at, one option is to click on the map and follow the “cutout” link, and then edit the URL – eg, if you add “&size=1000” it’ll create a 1000x1000-pixel image. I think the max size is 3000 pixels. You can control the zoom level with the “pixscale=” parameter. But these are pretty slow to generate.


Thanks! Very helpful indeed!