How’d that faint blue ring get there?

Looks like a ring galaxy, where the ring is super faint!


yes but howww hahaha

like there is also that second arm up above… so faint… how are these expected to form again?

I thought some of them were expected to form from a merger through the middle

and others accreting all around

and others like allowed and disallowed orbits?

Hoping someone who knows more can chime in, this looks so funny to me because the center is so compact and bright compared to the faint outside and the third arm dangling

but its so faint, hard to know anything

If I had to guess, maybe the galaxy just ran out of stuff to accrete. There really isn’t anything around it to take stuff from, including itself. Maybe as it moves through the universe, it will find more to collect?

Maybe, more like Malin 1 (The largest spiral)

I should name it “Malin 2”

Malin 2 already is a galaxy. Legacy Survey Sky Browser We should name it Malin 3.