High PM Carbon star(s)


LSPM J1223+2807 – Carbon Star

GAIA EDR3 pmRA,Dec -12.6, -203.1 ± 0.2, 0.2 mas/yr, parallax 1.8± 0.2 mas

Referenced as high proper motion star and as carbon star, but not as High PM Carbon Star (HVS / HVCS?)


SDSS J150512.88+072826.6 – Carbon Star

GAIA EDR3 pmRA,Dec 9.9, -47.4 ± 0.9, 1.0 mas/yr, parallax 0.7± 0.7 mas

Referenced as carbon star but not as High PM Carbon Star

It is moving southwards at quite a speed!



Wouldn’t surprise me if higher resolution imagery would reveal a bow shock like Wray 15-811

Doesn’t seem to be going through a particularly dense medium, so not sure we’d see a bow shock. This is a little weird - it’s very blue and very faint for a carbon star. I see the sdss spectrum classifies it as “star - carbon lines”. I suspect it may be a DQ white dwarf.

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Good points

I just accepted the SIMBAD classification as is assuming SIMBAD accepts only ‘real & thorough’ classifications