Green transient object?

Or could this be an artifact of sorts? particle strike?

It looks like it has blurry edges, which would make it an astrophysical object – above the atmosphere. Cosmic ray hits don’t go through the atmosphere and optics so can be very sharp.

It was in this image,

(Observed MJD 56601.270, 2013-11-05 06:29:00.159419 UT)

For what it’s worth. Perhaps a fast-moving asteroid? Quite bright. But the track looks almost curved, which would be weird.

There do seem to be some other bright green dots nearby, also blurry, so maybe something weird with that image…?


it was the arc that confused me.
thanks Dustin

also if you scroll to the right on that strip, passed the beautiful barred spiral there are three other green objects in a line. not as bright. must be artifacts