Green glow, Herbig Haro object?

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Might be. could also be an artefact

It looks similar in the two r-band exposures, taken 2 months apart from each other

Ah yes. I forgot to check as I assumed it was HSC. There is also a possible culprit star in the North-West part

Hmm. Its detected by galex, so whatever it is, its probably hot. Usually HH objects are in obvious molecular clouds though, and this seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Very weird. Some sort of ionization…

There’s another bit further north and a much more diffuse bit to the south. Perhaps this is the remnants of a bipolar PN or something? Very weird.

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No it is not an artifact or glow from a star. It is also visible in Aladin Lite, DSS2, DSS2 red and Galex.

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This is associated with the Vela complex.

Maybe but this object has an outspoken ring.
It has a polar ring-like appearance. Molecular clouds do not have outspoken, ringed shapes. Maybe a #voorwerp ?

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I said it is associated with the Vela complex in our galaxy. There is a reference containing that.