Green Gas Cloud or Galaxy?

Green gas cloud or galaxy seen on all surveys but best on HSC DR2
RA,Dec = 185.4283, -1.4808
Example Alt Text


Hmm seems to be detected by WISE too. Something seems to be ionizing some material there, but no idea what.

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That’s odd

At first glance from the cutout I thought its probably just a denser section of a large nebulae area (and moved on)

But that is definitely not the case, very singular object or so it seems in HSC

Indeed WISE but also GALEX even, and nothing in SIMBAD,VizieR or Planetary Nebulae net database AFAIK, haven’t checked HASH

This looks like an original weird find?

If nothing else maybe submittable to PNe net? Not familiair with regular PNe signatures…

While brightest in the section shown it does extend fairly far North and West

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