Good lens - possible duplicate


Hi Gavin, nice find!

This has been reported in Finding Strong Gravitational Lenses in the DESI DECam Legacy Survey - NASA/ADS, the last one in Grade A.

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Hi @xhuang I also found 2 possible lens, are these already been reported?
RA,Dec = 354.1713, 0.7443

RA,Dec = 213.6172, 52.5435


The only way to find out if anyone in here has seen them would be to look through the lenses already posted in the gravitational lensing section. (My suggestion of having an overlay to identify features that have already been noted was too difficult to implement, unfortunately).

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A quick vizier search will tell you if its in one of the DES lens catalogues or the SuGOHI HSC list.

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thanks for the suggestions

for the lens at 354.1713, 0.7443, I looked at DES in VizieR, there’s designation for the object, but no paper about lens, can’t find SuGOHI table

for the lens at 213.6172, 52.5435, no DES and SuGOHI tables