First time poster - a few questions

What do we do (other than post “lookit!”) when we find un-cataloged objects?
What becomes of them?
Are we able to submit them for eventual cataloging?
I imagine that a computer has been programmed to auto-identify (one way or another) just about everything in each of the surveys.
There are “billions and billions” of interesting objects to be observed in these surveys.
I hope that scientists are reading these posts!
I sense a thousand possible PhD dissertations and journal articles!
What becomes of the un-cataloged objects that receive a post?


First post!

Welcome! I put up this site because of the experience of the Galaxy Zoo project. They had thousands of people looking at images to classify galaxies, but some of the more interesting findings came from people saying “huh, that looks weird!”, so this is the same.
And yes, basically anything you can see as an object has been catalogued – as in, it appears in the giant tables of measured objects we detect. So detecting objects isn’t really the problem, it’s more about identifying things that look unusual.
And yep, a few scientists do watch this forum. Interesting things could get follow-up observations.