Faint arc present


A faint arc is easy for me to see in HSC DR2 imagery, no hits in SIMBAD.

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If you’re talking about the arc at 3 o’clock, personally my first guess would be a tidal tail from interaction.

Also if you want to check for known lens (candidates) you might want to (also) check in VizieR, especially the SuGOHI catalog.

Thank you for the feedback. I have a “good eye” for peculiar objects, pretty sure I can grab one soon.

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yw, also AFAIK most if not all lens (candidates) are already caught by the algorithms, so the chances of finding an unknown candidate are pretty slim…

The machines are coming!!! :wink:

Is there a catalog of “peculiar” galaxies in HSC DR2?

If not, I can take this challenge. I see some very very interesting galaxies in odd unnatural forms. Some merging/interacting, others just single objects that got dropped on their head at the very beginning.

Sorry can’t help you with that.

Perhaps you can perform a cross-match between the arp catalog of peculiar galaxies and HSC coverage?