Echoed jet ionization? Causing starbursts? voorwerpjes?

No voorwerp here

Yeah, I need a good example of what to look for. I can’t seem to find more than a verbal description. A visual would paint a better picture.

These are some examples. These are taken by HST, so voorwerps will be much lower resolution in legacy. Also they’ll usually be a bright blue/purple colour

Perfect reference ! Thank you for providing the information. What would be the best survey to search through? Or which has been picked from the least thus far?

And one last question please. Do these galaxies still have an active radio signature, or is this ionization something that’s left behind, or is this irrelevant and it could be active or dormant?

HSC is probably best as its highest definition, but there are lots of examples waiting to be found in most surveys.

An example of a candidate i found in HSC:

Note the bright blue patch below the galaxy’s nucleus

vs a much more purple example from legacy dr9

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