Does anyone know what this is?

a.legacysurvey-ANIMATION copy

Why does that dot appear? I used simbad (I think) and I put the images in order to make a gif.

If the gif doesn’t work and you would like to see it dm me. (it should have more than 2 frames)


Do you have coordinates for this object or a link to Aladin Lite or the Legacy Survey Sky Viewer? Without coordinates I can’t say anything useful about it, in short it can be anything.

Ine :stars::dizzy:

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It looks like it stays for more than one image – possibly a supernova!

If you don’t know the dates from the images it might as well be an asteroid. If there are no coordinates, I can not confirm if it is already reported or not.

I’d like to help you confirm if it’s a supernova or something else, but you’re going to have to come up with more data or at least coordinates. I can’t do anything with this little information.

Ine :stars::dizzy:

Here is the location Legacy Survey Sky Browser

Unfortunately nothing to see in th DECaLS layers, SDSS layer, PanSTARRS or various surveys in Aladin Lite except two foreground stars.

The objects are outside the HSC DR2, MzLS BASS DR6 and DES DR1 footprint So honestly I have no idea.