DecALS viewer very unresponsive

eg slow, but not down?

EDIT: that is the Legacysurvey viewer ofcourse

Is DES DR1 causing the problem? it seems it’s the only one not loading properly…

Ok it seems resolved now, hope it stays this way :grimacing:

Perhaps it is updated constantly?

especially DES seems to be really finicky on a regular basis.

I’ve checked many other sites and no problem there, so it must be on the Legacysurvey side.

I see this happen on a daily basis (I use it A LOT), and I feel this does the awesome viewer no good if it doesn’t respond at all on such a regular basis.

Is it possible to see these scheduled updates somewhere, or post them here in advance?

And now it’s two times on one day already, and nowhere to find any info.

I’m sure this complete shutdown routine for updates / maintenance at the supercomputer center are scheduled and announced (publicly)?

And it is certain that it’s mostly DES atm as other surveys seem to respond somewhat better.

Completely unavailable atm?

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Uh, yes, there’s a four-day outage at the NERSC computing center

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Ouch. Is there a site where these outages are announced?


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ah yes also just found it by using the magic word ‘NERSC’. Wow 4 days pfhew…


Yup… they’re doing massive electrical work to prepare for their next supercomputer.

It’s very much a research-level supercomputing center – they care more about staying on the cutting edge than on providing constant service. Not a great platform for a web service, really, but all out data are there, so it would be expensive to host something somewhere else.

The site will remain up… but it doesn’t have DR7 or DES layers.

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It should be back alive now.

Yes it was yesterday, not anymore atm.

Try now - for some reason it crashed some hours after coming up cleanly after the restart.

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Down again.

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Yeah, I’ve filed a ticket with NERSC. They’re investigating…

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Great! Can’t find any outages at NERSC and outage rec is pretty bad lately, hope they find something.

They had a multi-day outage to do power work – need 50 megawatts for their next supercomputer :slight_smile:

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25MW to get rid of the waste heat? :wink: