Curious coincidence

Why would there be such a tight group of very blue objects associated with this distant galaxy cluster? There are no similarly bright blue objects anywhere nearby.


Smaller galaxies forced into starburst phase because of cluster interaction?

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Are these repeating dots lensing?

@ChrisSnell88 I think so.

Well, it did occur to me that having such bright blue objects associated with such a distant galaxy cluster could be lensing, which is why I noticed it, but the shape of the objects is not typical of lensing, which is why I raised the question. It could just be a chance alignment, but the brightness of the objects seems anomalous for that area in space.

There is a fairly substantial radio signal coming from above and to the left of the main group of possibly lensed objects.
Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 9.10.03 AM

To me, the blue objects’ positioning is just a coincidence. I can’t see how lensing would happen in this cluster

No, neither do I really, but the blue objects are anomalously bright, compared to anything else nearby. Perhaps Dustin can advise whether there is any brightening of the blue objects due to them being overlaid over the glow from the background galaxies? I suppose it depends how sharp the cutoffs are for the various filters they use.

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