Could be the jet lobes that Jean mentioned?

Here there are two diffuse bluish blobs and in the middle is a small feature that could be a galaxy with an AGN?

I think they’re unlikely to be hotspots or lobes, but I’ll look into it when I have a chance.

Do you know how to search for FIRST sources (FIRST is a very good radio survey)?

No idea about FIRST…

VLA FIRST Cutouts (sadly RA and Dec format is hms/dms; be sure to select GIF):

Or using SkyView (select VLA FIRST):

I can’t make head nor tail of that lot! I know nothing about different astral coordinate systems.

From the URL for the image, “RA=102.6374”, and “Dec=76.1374”.

So, for SkyView, enter “102.6374, 76.1374” (without the quote marks) into the “Coordinates or source” box. Select “VLA FIRST (1.4 GHz)” In the “Radio: GHz” box. Click on the “Submit Request” button.

For fun, click Clear Survey Selections button, then select WISE 3.4 (in the “IR: WISE” box), and Submit Request.

For FIRST, you have to first convert. A neat online calculator is at

In the J2000 box, enter +102.6374 (you need the + sign) and in the J2000 Dec box, 76.1374. Click on Calculate. Then enter the first pair of numbers in the Calculated Output J2000 box into the FIRST “RA and Dec” box (you’ll need to delete the non-numbers, like “h”). Click on the “Extract the Cutout” button.

You may be surprised, but you’ll learn something very valuable.

No FIRST data in this area…

…and unfortunately not in the area of the “flight of fantasy” jets either. :frowning: