Complex image, huge challenge for the model!

There are clear artifacts (e.g. red threads, due to cosmic rays).

The faint, yellowish stuff (fluff) sorta centered on the elliptical at the centre is surely impossible to model (at this level), and is likely due to some ICL (intra-cluster light), outer parts of several galaxies, and at least one poorly defined shell (the result of a merger).

Two of the blue stars are red/green pairs; movement? or misalignment?

There are some donuts/beach balls, but those within the extended yellow fluff may be more due to the model having difficulty with that fluff than with a Sérsic index mismatch.

To me there are two intriguing sets of objects:

  • the two bluish-redish-bluish ~linear thingies, and one hamburger (bluish with a black middle): one is an edge-on spiral or lenticular; one may be an SBa or SB0 (the one deep in the fluff); and one likely a nucleus+disk (this is the hamburger), with its whitish color consistent with this interpretation (as far as I know, every “blue elliptical” found by Galaxy Zoo citizen scientists has turned out to be an unresolved spiral).
  • the bright yellow/red heart of the main attraction (the elliptical in the centre): yes, the model struggles with the yellow fluff, even quite close to the galaxy’s centre; however, I suspect that the yellow/red thing is an AGN, which may be modeled as a PSF …
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