Colorful array

Hey, sorry quick question, does anyone know why these colorful hexagons show up, and some areas have like a blue/green/red tinge of hue? (haha technically my mother asked this the first time I showed her SDSS)

The different filters all seem to have slightly different edges to their coverage areas. For most of the coverage area, all the filters are each assigned a color and are combined to create the normal full color image. These areas with different colors are only covered by one or two bands, so end up weirdly colored.

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ahh gotcha thank you:)

oh sorry what about this line of blue and green stars? like if you zoom in the galaxies actually look sorta normal

If you mean the north/south split, that’s because the north and south were taken with different telescope combinations, and basically because of saturation and background handling, the zoomed-out images come out different.