Chat board idea

I was wondering all day if anyone will think about putting up a chat discussion somewhere like galaxy zoo. “Just Chat” and we could send out about what you have been doing, where you went, something else like that…

Like this…

@dstn @Niko @AFJ what do you think.

I can make a new Category if you like

(edit: just did so – does that work?)

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I have put one up… you’d have to pin it first…

Oops! I discovered that the “Uncategorized” section is basically a chat board so why not delete the category you just created and rename the “uncategorized” section to “chat” I may migrate my post back to uncategorized category and a moderator could pin it.

fine – you’re imaging this being one long thread?

Both. The changes categories for something related and/or unrelated to Legacy, have one long thread titled “just a chat board” like a basic chat:

Best attempt at colourizing a ZOOGEMS image