Blanks in DECaLS DR7 an Legacy Survey DR6 & 7'single image cutouts'

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The 'single image cutouts from DECaLS DR7 an Legacy Survey DR6 & 7 are not working. I only got blanks! Can it be fixed? Thanks!

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For now, just use DR8

I already use DR8. I use the cutouts from all layers. But if a possible transient candidate only is visible in DECaLS DR5 or 7, then the DECaLS DR8 cutouts are of no use.
Because of the blanks, I can not check if the transient candidate is an asteroid and I can not check the year, dates and bands when the possible transient is visible. Will it be fixed in the near future?

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DR8 includes all images that were included in DR5, DR7, plus more.

eg your candidate is clearly visible here in the DR8 images.

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I didn’t mean this particular, transient candidate but transient candidates in common.This transient has not enough data to report anyway.

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Found this #transient candidate here. Not in the TNS, not in Simbad Search, NED etc. There are three sn’s in Simbad but at different coordinates.
The transient is visible in DECaLS DR5, 7 and Legacy Survey DR6 & 7. Not in DECaLS DR8 or SDSS.

You said that DR8 include all images from DR5 aswell as DR7 etc. But that is obvious not the case here. The transient is not in the 'single image cutouts from DR8 and DR5 has only three 'single image cutouts.

So I really need the cutouts from DR7 and DR6 & 7. I know I ask before but is there a possibility to fix the single image cutouts from DR7 and Legacy Survey DR6 & 7? Thanks!



DR 5/6/7/8 cutouts should be working now.

DR8 does include all the images from previous releases, except we have different cuts on which images are considered too bad to use; those two z-band exposures containing this transient are in that category – cloudy nights with low transparency.