Awesome nebula

Beautiful. These are so called molecular clouds.

Ine :stars::dizzy:

Molecular cloud - Wikipedia.

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Is it an IFN?

Seeing this got me curious! I zoomed out on the image and discovered that this section of cloud is actually part of a much, much, MUCH larger molecular cloud complex covering almost all of the lower quadrant of Pegasus directly next to and extending into Pisces. - Here is most of the associated nebula seen in infrared dust images:

The GMC shown in this thread is located within the green box above- zoomed in, on SDSS images, you can see the GMC and its associated clouds more clearly:

The red box contains the region the lower image is highlighting - an enhanced view of the immediate surroundings of the cloud in question. This is an active region of star formation! This is based on brightening of cloud limbs as they approach bright stars, as well as the shape of the clouds- which appear to be heavily influenced by their stellar surroundings.

This does not mean that the ENTIRE GMC region highlighted in the first image is actively collapsing, however. This also rules out the likelyhood of these clouds being stagnant IFNs, but it is possible that they are still high galactic latitude clouds / IFNs (clouds outside the main disk of the galaxy) that are part of a larger star forming complex that extends away from the disk! This region of Pegasus/Pisces is known for being within this general region of the galactic disc as is.

This study is also possibly looking into this region!

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