Asteroid on dr2 obscuring whole galaxy

Hi, we noticed that there was an asteroid on the layer for ssds2 that was eclipsing a galaxy,

image on legacysurvey

but we couldn’t find the original on the website of SDSS dr2.
or dr7, or dr8 or dr14
So we were wondering where the image for ssds2 came from?

EDIT: We found it on SDSS stripe 86

Example Alt Text SDSS dr2 mjd date 52522.36 05/09/2002

Example Alt Text SDSS dr7 mjd date: 52522.3571 05/09/2002

Example Alt TextSDSS dr8 mjd 52886 04/09/2003

Example Alt Text SDSS dr14 mjd 52963 date 11/20/2003

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