Anyone want to write a textbook on everything here?
Spot the voorwerp(s), the tidal tail and anything else you want to. Stunning and beautiful.

It’s called the Guitar funnily enough.

Side note: Fairly sure voorwerps here are registered as candidates, how do I check?


I dont see a voorwerp. Looks like theres some starforming patches though.

Nope, Voorwerp candidates can be submitted here: Zooniverse

But it is greatly appreciated if you check SIMBAD & this thread for previous posted one

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Thread very actively followed by Bill Keel, and if good enough followed up!

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I reckon here. Says both are AGNs so worth a shout.

Took 2 seconds - both were submitted by you February this year. Guess I should congratulate you on your find :smiley:

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Both are detected in all bands, so dont fit the characteristics of voorwerps unfortunately.

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Oof, yeah I’ve found a lot the last few years :sweat_smile:

Nah I’ll wait for the confirmation of any finds in the final paper : )

IMO the shape of that bottom blue blob has no right to be a star forming area and the fact that it has an AGN above it means it could have something to do with it, voorwerp or not.

Studies of the so called “The Guitar” was unlikely to be a voorwerpje.

Yes, but that dot below doesn’t seem to be star forming in nature. I agree - not a voorwerp but I doubt star forming either