Another very long tidal tail

Hi everyone,
I’ve spotted a very distinct and long tidal tail (or two, in opposing directions).

I was wondering if it is of any significant interest in general and what are possible reasons for it?


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Nice! These tidal tails come from galaxy interactions – usually when a smaller galaxy gets torn apart as it merges with a larger galaxy. For example, this paper shows some systems found in the Legacy Surveys imaging.
Hidden Depths in the Local Universe: the Stellar Stream Legacy Survey - NASA/ADS


Thanks Dustin! That is helpful!

Are these extra long tails a common thing? I mean, should I post more if I see more of them?


Good question :slight_smile: I’m not sure. I think people are finding that as we get deeper observations, we find that many galaxies have tidal debris around them. These long tail seem like an interesting extreme of that, so maybe they’re worth pointing out?

got you. Thanks!