Another possible supernova, asteroid or glitch

Not in other surveys

It looks like it’s consistent with being a point source, so perhaps a supernova or asteroid. I thought the HSC exposures were pretty long, so nearby asteroids could be trailed.

Yes, there are numerous tracks on the HSC data that look like asteroids, and they are generally slightly elliptical rather than circular. I’ve posted an image of one of the more striking examples with two tracks intersecting.

It could be a #transient but also an #asteroid. It is very complicated to obtain data from HSC DR1 images. Maybe it is a known supernova. In that area there are two reported supernova’s in NED.

SDSS-II SN 02661 and SDSS J233249.87+000549.3:SN

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Neither of those seem related to this point. I think it’s likely to be an asteroid - now I have looked further for such objects I have found a number of them.

It could be an #asteroid but it also could be a #supernova candidate. I have an image of a look alike which is certainly a supernova. I report supernova’s in the transient name server, calculate magnitudes with APT and an equation and discovered 92 supernova candidates so far. So I know enough about it.

And if you want to make sure it’s an asteroid or to exclude the possibility of an #asteroid. Use the JPL SB identification and fill it in manually. I assume you know how to do this. If it is not an #asteroid it is a #transient. But without two or more ‘single image cutouts’ from different dates you can not be sure it is a #supernova candidate. HSC DR1 has no ‘single image cutouts’.

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