Andromeda Galaxy?

Hi, maybe this question has already been answered, or the info is right in front of my nose and i just don’t see it. But I’m trying to look at the Andromeda Galaxy and Canis Major and it brings my focal point to the dark zones where there is nothing to see, any idea why??

unWISE W1/W2 NEO6 shows it. Andromeda is NGC 224.

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I’ll try it out, thanks!

Oh wow! I dont know what most of those buttons are for!! but you nailed it! thanks alot 123!

No problem! I need 20 characters.

M31 is just outside of the Legacy Surveys footprint. We didn’t have enough time to observe the whole visible sky; we focused on the galactic caps (away from the galactic plane) because with DESI we want to follow-up distant galaxies, and in the galactic plane, there are too many foreground stars.


That’s just amazing. And the size of “everything” is mind boggling. Thanks for the insight I appreciate it.

If Andromeda weren’t do dim, it would appear this large in the sky compared to the moon Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 3.07.32 PM