A super-bright galaxy


Oooh! If you turn on the “NGC/IC galaxies” overlay (under “Bright Objects”), it’s labelled NGC 7213, which is a Seyfert galaxy (Seyfert galaxy - Wikipedia), a galaxy with an active black hole in its center!

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Oh wow! Thank you Dustin. That’s really even more interesting than I initially thought. Only 10% of galaxies are this type huh? That means there’s only a few more billion for me to find hehe.

Thanks for the link too, that was a really good read with some nice examples. The one I posted doesn’t look to be spiralled, the article didn’t say that all of them are though.

I have been playing with the different overlays, they sure make scrolling across the skies easier. Thanks for the tip.

I always thought I knew more than the average joe when it came to the cosmos. It’s always been an interest of mine and I’ve read so many books and watched so many doco’s, but now that I’ve come here I’ve learnt that I’m still a baby with so much more to learn.

Every time I’ve posted anything you’ve jumped right on and said something helpful, I’ve read a few posts from other people and I’ve seen you replying on pretty much all of them. I just wanted to say thanks for being there for us newbs just as much as you are for the very experienced users. I appreciate all the input you’ve given. It’s great seeing you so interactive on the forums as well as trying to keep the site running. I can’t imagine how busy you are.

:slight_smile: thanks, it’s nice to see people sharing the feeling of wonder I get when looking at these images!

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