A small blue galaxy with a very nice bar

How far away is it?
How can I figure out its distance from us?
I’m surprised at how blue it is. Is it coming towards us?

There is a photometric redshift overlay in this version. I don’t pretend to understand the measurement besides it telling me that objects are similarly far away from us.

Thanks. Where should I be reading? Is there something that says x light years away?

Astronomers will typically tell you redshift rather than distance… Large distances in the universe are super complicated. There’s a calculator here (itself pretty complicated),

where you can enter a “Z” (redshift) and get a distance.
There are probably easier calculators out there!
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Ok, so where do I find the z-value on the screen?

Cool, the java you shared computes values depending on your preferred topology!

Ah! Very nice! I get it! Thank you!