A moving? 3 Pixel-Thing in the i-band

By chance I found something in the raw data for my last post (A Green dot but just in two of the single exposures) that I wanted to show here…
This two images are the raw data images form my last post…


I noticed a moving object in the top right half… so I overlaid the images and made a movie (webp) of it
(i have a little play-symbol in the bottom right corner in my firefox browser)

The first image (S22.jpg) is somwhere around this galaxy:

I’m not able to look it up in the JPL-Small Bodies Library. But maybe I just didn’t do it right. Because I figured it out from the raw data images and it wasn’t that easy to find the position in the legacy browser

This is the position in the first raw-image

Sadly, I suspect these are two cosmic rays that happen to be the same size & shape in your two images. I say that because it looks like they’re very sharp – sharper than all the other stars & galaxies in the images – which means they’re not from light that came through the blurry atmosphere.
At least one other cosmic ray is visible in your animation - they’re pretty common.