A Green dot but just in two of the single exposures

I found a small green dot. At some point someone once told me: Green and pink are unusual in space. So it caught my attention.

And in the single exposures the “dot” only appears in the recordings of the I-bands but only in 2 out of 3 there. Could this be a supernova? But where is the galaxy for that? Or is it just an artifact in two of the images?

If you click the “Lookup in JPL Small Bodies database” you’ll get an asteroid hit –
646263 (2008 BU31)

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Ohhhh I didn’t even think of that… thank you very much.
Funny, I’m currently preparing a second post where I found something moving and where I looked unsuccessfully in the JPL Small Bodies database :slight_smile:
but I’m not thinking about it here